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活動宗旨:  透過藝術交流,與大家分享大帽山之美

Mission: Enrich and exchange artistic experience through the photo competition 

鳴謝​ Acknowledgment


​評判 Adjudicators: James Kwok, Foto Mo, Chris Chiang












​籌辨總監 Planning Director: Zue Yip


主題 Theme:

大帽山之美  The Wonders of Tai Mo Shan

得獎作品 Winners: 風景組 Landscape

Eric Lau Lo Kwong_Champion(Landscape)_th

Champion: Eric Lau Lo Kwong
​作品名: the half and the half

Kenny lee_1st(Landscape)_孤島.jpg

1st runner-up: Kenny Lee
​作品名: 孤島


Howard Tong Ho Chung_2nd(Landscape)_大帽山晨

2nd runner-up: Howard Tong Ho Chung
​作品名: 大帽山晨曦

得獎作品 Winners: 人物組 Portrait 


Champion: So Fu Shing
​作品名: Loser

Lai Ka Kit_1st(Portrait)_The top of Hong

1st runner-up: Lai Ka Kit
The top of Hong Kong

BILLY HO_2nd(Portrait)_等。一道光線.jpg

2nd runner-up: Billy Ho
​作品名: 等。一道光線

相片要求 Technical Requirement

1. 參賽作品須為數碼檔案,並以JPEG或TIFF數碼檔提交。

   Format of image must be in JPEG or TIFF.


2. 所有檔案大小須為10MB或以下。

    Maximum file size is 10 MB each.


3. 參賽作品只接受少量調整光暗、對比度或色彩飽和度及相片裁剪,其他數位修圖手段,包括電腦合成或消減圖上任何物件及改變色彩,均不為接納。

    Minimal light, contrast/ exposure and dimension adjustment are acceptable. Airbrushing, digital manipulation and alternation are not allowed.


4. 主辦單位不接受含有任何浮水印及簽名檔的參賽作品。

    Image with watermark or signature are not accepted.


5. 參賽作品須附完整標題,並以不多於100字中文或英文簡介作品理念、希望帶出的訊息或拍攝原因。

    Applicant must provide name and brief introduction of the entry with less than 100 words.

6. 參賽作品必須為原創及未經任何方式或渠道公開發表、出版及同類型比賽。

    Participation must guarantee that the entries have neither been openly shown, published or broadcasted   in any forms or through any channels, nor have they been involved in other commercial purposes or submitted for other competitions.


7. 所有參賽作品,不得在公佈結果前發表。

     All entries must not be openly shown, published or broadcasted in any forms or through any channels before adjudication.

8. 所有參賽作品版權均屬主辦單位所擁有; 獲獎作品之出版權,亦歸主辦單位所擁有。

     Participants must fully understand and agree to assign to the organiser the copyright of their works without charge. 

9. 所有評審結果以評審團的最後決定為準。如有任何爭議,主辦單位擁有最終決定權。

   The decision of the adjudication panel on the competition results shall be final. In case of any disputes, the Organizer's decision is final.

10. 主辦單位將保留一切比賽活動中之最終決定權,包括演繹、更改、取消或暫 停此活動的細則及條款、獎項及其他安排,而不需另行通知。

      The Organizer reserves the right to make decision on all matters relating to the competition, which shall be final. This includes the right to interpret, amend, cancel or suspend the terms and conditions, prizes and other arrangements of the competition without notice.



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