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標竿賽(Goal Race),一個為自己定下目標而努力向前的一個比賽。




Goal Race is a competition which you set your own goal and strive hard towards your goal.

"Plan for your new year in Spring."  Let's join the Goal Race in the Chinese New Year , set your own goal, believe in yourself that you can accomplish wonderful things, and have hope that you can achieve your goal step by step with your hard work.

Coinciding with the Lantern Festival, the Goal Race is an opportunity for you to share our love. Love yourself, love your family and work hard for your beloved ones.  In life, if you have Faith, Hope, and Love from your beloved ones, you will surely achieve your goal.

Every person who set own goal and run towards it step by step will surely stand on your own podium. 

日期: 2023年2月5日(星期日)       
時間: 9.00am - 4.15pm
挑戰組: (16公里~7小時內完成) 
比賽起點: 城門水塘大壩

終點: 大帽山扶輪公園

體驗組: (9公里~3小時內完成)
時間: 1.00pm - 4.15pm

比賽起點/終點: 大帽山扶輪公園

家庭組: (3公里~2小時內完成)

時間: 2.00pm - 4.15pm
: 大帽山扶輪公園

Date: Sunday, 5 February 2023

Time: 9.00am - 4.15pm

Challenge team: (16km~within7hrs)

Start: Shing Mun Main Dam
End: Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park

Experience team: (9km

Time: 1.00pm - 4.15pm 

Start/End: Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park

Family team: (3km~within2hrs)

Time: 2.00pm - 4.15pm

Start/End: Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park

報名費用: (挑戰及體驗組)
報名費: HK$388
超級早鳥報名: HK$288 (2022年1月8日或之前)
早鳥報名: HK$338 (2023年1月18日或之前)

報名費用: (家庭組)
報名費: HK$328
早鳥報名: HK$288 (2023年1月18日或之前)

Registration Fee: (Challenge & Experience)
Registration: HK$388
Super Early Bird: HK$288 (on/before 8 January 2023) 
Early Bird: HK$338 (on/before 18 January 2023) 

Registration Fee: (Family) 

Registration: HK$338
Early Bird: HK$288 (on/before 18 January 2023)

挑戰組路線 (16km, 7小時內完成)
Challenge team (16km, Time Limit: 7 hours)

<標竿獎: 與實際時間前後差距不多於10分鐘 / Goal Race Award: Actual time is within a variance of not more than 10 minutes>

城門水塘主壩 (起點) > 麥理浩徑第7段 > 針山 > 草山 > 鉛礦坳 (水站) > 四方亭 > 大帽山山頂 > 大帽山路 (沿馬路) > 大帽山扶輪公園 (終點)

Shing Mun Main Dam > Maclehose Trail Session 7 > Needle Hill > Grassy Hill > Lead Mine Pass (Water Station) > Sze Fong Shan Pavilion > Top of Tai Mo Shan > Tai Mo Shan Road (Along the road) > Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (Finish)​

Download : Google Map / GPX 

起點Start Point: 城門水塘主壩 (開放時間Opening hours: 0815 - 0930)
* 比賽開始時間Race Start time: 0900

水站 Water Station : 鉛礦坳Lead Mine Pass (開放時間Opening hours: 0930 - 1230)
提供: 水, 運動飲品, 汽水. Provide: Water, Sports Drinks, Soft drinks

終點Finish Point: 大帽山扶輪公園Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (開放時間Opening hours: 1000 - 1615) 提供: 水, 汽水. Provide: Water and Soft drinks
* 比賽限時7小時,需要下午4時15分前到達 Race time limit 7 hours : Arrival before 1615

體驗組路線 (9km, 3小時內完成)

Experience team (9km, Time Limit: 3 hours)
<標竿獎: 與實際時間前後差距不多於15分鐘 / Goal Race Award: Actual time is within a variance of not more than 15 minutes>
大帽山扶輪公園 > 大帽山遊客中心連姐店 > 麥理浩徑第8段 > 麥理浩徑第8段(草地) > 大帽山路 (沿馬路上山) > 大帽山山頂 > 大帽山路 (沿馬路落山) > 大帽山扶輪公園 (終點)

Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (Starts) > Tai Mo Shan Lin Jar Kiosk > Maclehose Trail Session 8 > Maclehose Trail Session 8 (Grassland) > Tai Mo Shan Road (Along the road uphill) > Top of Tai Mo Shan > Tai Mo Shan Road (Along the road downhill) > Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (Finish)

Download: Google Map / GPX  

起點Start Point: 大帽山扶輪公園 (開放時間Opening hours: 1215 - 1315)
* 比賽開始時間Race Start time: 1300

終點Finish Point: 大帽山扶輪公園Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (開放時間Opening hours: 1330 - 1615) 提供: 水, 汽水. Provide: Water and Soft drinks
* 比賽限時3小時Race time limit 3 hours: 需要下午4時15分前到達 Arrival before 1615

家庭組路線 (3km, 2小時內完成)

Family team (3km, Time Limit: 2 hours)
<標竿獎: 與實際時間前後差距不多於20分鐘 / Goal Race Award: Actual time is within a variance of not more than 20 minutes>

大帽山扶輪公園 > 大帽山遊客中心連姐店 > 麥理浩徑第8段 > 麥理浩徑第8段(草地) > 大帽山路 (沿馬路) > 大帽山扶輪公園 (終點)

Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (Starts) > Tai Mo Shan Lin Jar Kiosk > Maclehose Trail Session 8 > Maclehose Trail Session 8 (Grassland) > Tai Mo Shan Road (Along the road) > Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (Finish)

Download: Google Map / GPX

起點Start Point: 大帽山扶輪公園 (開放時間Opening hours: 1315 - 1415)
* 比賽開始時間Race Start time: 1400

終點Finish Point: 大帽山扶輪公園Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park (開放時間Opening hours: 1400 - 1615) 提供: 水, 汽水. Provide: Water and Soft drinks
* 比賽限時2小時Race time limit 2 hours: 需要下午4時15分前到達 Arrival before 1615

~ 每一位參賽者各自評估自己在沒有計時器下的完成時間。
~ ​自己設定時間與實際時間前後差距不多於10分鐘(挑戰組) / 15分鐘(體驗組) / 20分鐘(家庭組), 可獲(成功/努力)標竿獎紀念品乙份。(成功/努力會蓋印在號碼布上)
~ 報名時需填寫預算完成比賽時間 (預算完成時間可於2023年1月28日或以前登入報名系統更改, 在比賽日更改需另收行政費港幣$88元)
~ 參賽期間,所有計時器及與時間有關的設備如手提電話或手錶等,需放入大會指定的膠袋中(膠袋將於比賽日派發);也不可問途人時間。
~ 每人在起點會有一塊"標竿繪馬2023年"牌,寫下您自己2023年的目標,向著目標拼力去幹。

~ 挑戰組、體驗組及家庭組參賽者需自備飲用器皿,水袋及水樽不可少於500毫升。
~ 必須携帶手提電話 (需放入大會預備的膠袋中)。

Race information:

~ Every participant estimates your completion time without a timer in the race.
~ If your actual time is within a variance of not more than 10 minutes (Challenge) / 15 minutes (Experience) / 20 minutes (Family) from your estimated time, you will be awarded (success or to best) "Goal Award".
~ During registration, the participants need to mark the estimated time on the registration system (Estimate time can be changed in the system before 28 January 2023.  Change on-site will be charged an administration fee of HK$88).
~ NO timers and timing equipment such as mobile phone and watch are allowed during the race and cannot ask any people about the timing along the route.  Your mobile phone and watch need to be put into a tailor-made plastic bag. (You will receive the bag on the event day)
~ All participants will receive a "Make a wish on Ema 2023" at the start point.  Write down your personal goal before start and you can focus on your goal.  

Mandatory Gear:
~ For Challenge, Experience and Family team, participants must carry at least 500ml of water bladder or bottles. 
~ A mobile phone (put into the tailor made plastic bag on the event day)



Each participant will get a "Goal Race - Make a wish on Ema 2023" to set up your Personal Goal before start.  Pass the Ema to the volunteers at the start line and you can get it back at the finish point.  Focus on your target and fight for yourself.

所有參加者可獲得標竿獎 + 電子證書 (Goal Race Award + E-Certificate)

與實際時間前後差距不多於以下分鐘 / Goal Race Award: Actual time is within a variance of not more than below minutes. 

挑戰組Challenge team: 10分鐘(10 minutes)

體驗組Experience team: 15分鐘(15 minutes)
家庭組Family team
20分鐘(20 minutes)


​努力do best

成人太陽鏡乙副, UV400, 寶麗萊鏡
(加購價: HK$238/副) 

標竿獎Goal Award


兒童標竿獎Goal Award for Children

兒童太陽鏡乙副, (幼稚園/小學生)
防藍光, UV400, 寶麗萊鏡
(​加購價: HK$288)


標竿賽衛衣加購價 (每件HK$188) Extra hoody (HK$188)
​*截單日期: 2023年1月8日 (新年前可以取貨) 

領取物資: 2023年1月18至2023年2月4日(晚上5時前)  
營業時間: 星期一至日中午12時至晚上7時30分  

0815-0855 ~ 行李寄存

0850-0900 ~ 賽前講解 
0900-0915 ~ 分批安排起步 (挑戰組)
1215      ~ 鉛礦坳水站關閉 (挑戰組)
1300      ~ 體驗組起步 (體驗組)
1400      ~ 家庭組起步 (家庭組)
1615      ~ 比賽結束 (各組別)

Race Pack Collection: 18 January 2023 until 4 February 2023 (Time: 1700)
Gone Running
3/F Simsons Commercial Building, 137 Johnston Road, Wanchai 
Opening hours: 1200 to 1930 (Monday to Sunday)

Race Day Schedule

0815 - 0855       - Race baggage collection 
0850 - 900       - Race briefing

0900             - Race Starts (Challenge) 
0930             - Lead Mine Pass Water Station Opens (Challenge)

1215              - Lead Mine Pass Water Station Closes (Challenge)
1300             - Race starts (Experience)
1400             - Race starts (Family)

1615              - Race ends (all teams)

政府防疫措施: (因應政府對2019冠狀病毒要求而更新) 

1. 所有參賽者都必須符合政府之 「疫苗通行證」之要求。
2. 所有參賽者必須在比賽開始前 48 小時內進行 COVID-19 聚合酶鏈反應 (PCR) 測試並提供陰性的檢測結果。

3. 所有參賽者必須在比賽當天進行快速抗原檢測(RAT),並在檢測結果上寫上自己的名字。 比賽當天需要展示陰性結果方可進入出發區。

4. 比賽當天需要填寫健康申報表

Special requirements for participation in the 2019 Coronavirus Event: (Updated in response to government requirements)

1. All participants must meet the requirements of the government's "Vaccine Pass".
2. All entrants must take a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and provide a negative test result within 48 hours prior to the start of the competition.

3. All participants must take a rapid antigen test (RAT) on the day of the competition and write their name on the test result. A negative result is required on the day of the race to enter the starting area.

4.  All runners must fill in the Health Declaration form on the race day.


  1. 挑戰組之參加者必須於比賽當日最少年滿18歲。歡迎10歲至17歲小朋友及年青人與家長一起參與。

  2. 體驗組及家庭組之參加者必須於比賽當日最少年滿18歲,歡迎3歲至17歲小朋友及年青人與家長一起參與。

  3. 參賽者需評估自己的身體狀況和實際能力選擇報名參賽。

  4. 報名時需要填寫預計完成比賽的時間。

  5. 預計完成時間可在2023年1月28日或之前自行登入報名系統更改。現場更改需要付港幣88元行政手續費。

  6. 如比賽日不能出席, 可在1月28日前轉讓給朋友, 手續費為HK$50元。現場更改需付手續費88元。

  7. 在比賽進行期間,不可携帶任何計時器具手錶及不可聽音樂及聽收音機等。電話需要放入大會提供的塑膠袋中。亦不可詢問途人時間,參賽者若發現違規,將被取消「標竿獎」禮物。

  8. 手機或手錶的膠袋被拆,將被取消「標竿獎」資格。

  9. 比賽期間,參賽者必須全時間攜帶各項指定裝備,主辦機構可能會隨機進行裝備檢查。裝備不全的參賽者,將被取消「標竿獎」資格。

  10. 參賽者應緊隨有標示之賽道前進,嚴禁另走捷徑,參賽者若被發現違規,將被取消資格。

  11. 參賽者須以徒步完成賽事。

  12. 參賽號碼布必須置於上衣前方,於任何時間均清晰可見。

  13. 檢查站提供的食物飲料,只供參賽者享用。

  14. 參賽者必須於所有時間遵行檢查站負責人員及賽道糾察的方向指示。若參賽者於檢查站關閉時間前仍未到達,必須根據指示退出比賽。

  15. 參賽者要保持環境清潔,不得在沿途亂扔垃圾。

  16. 如參賽者中途選擇退出比賽,或遇有任何緊急情況,應撥號碼布上所載之電話號碼,與主辦機構聯絡,主辦機構人員即會盡力搜尋參賽者。

  17. ​如對比賽過程、結果有任何異議、不滿、投訴,請於活動當日下午4時前,向活動總監或終點工作人員作出反映,逾時將不獲處理。

  18. 參賽者可以選擇退出比賽,所有費用一概不作退款。

  19. 主辦機構保留酌情修改比賽規則、路線及/或其他安排的權利。參賽者請按主辦機構指示進行活動,不得異議;所有有關活動之安排、變動,亦由主辦機構作最終決定。

  20. 如對賽事有什麼疑問,請在Facebook大帽山山賽專頁或電郵taimoshanhk@gmail.com查詢。


  1. 如於活動開始前三小時懸掛三號或以上颱風訊號,紅色或黑色暴雨警告訊號,當日活動將會取消。本活動將會改期至4月1日, 參加者如不能參加,費用一概不作退款。

  2. 如活動進行中天氣惡劣或懸掛上述任何警告,活動總監有權以安全理由,活動將會改變或取消。所有費用將不獲退還。

  3. 大會建議參加者於活動當日早上致電或瀏覽香港天文台查詢有關天氣情況。(電話:1878200)


Sports HFS Company / MIG Action Limited已購買公眾責任保險,但並不包括個人意外保險。主辦機構建議參賽者自行投購個人意外保險。

Race rules:

  1. Participants in the Challenge Team, must be at least 18 years old on the race day. Welcome 10 to 17 years youth participate with parent. 

  2. Experience & Family Team must be at least 18 years old on the race day.  Welcome children and young people aged 3 to 17 to participate with parents.

  3. Participants are required to assess their physical condition and actual ability before they choose to register for the race.

  4. Participants are request to fill in the estimated completion time during registration.

  5. The estimated completion time can be changed in the system by yourselves on/before 28 January 2023. (An admission fee of HK$88.00 will be charged if you request to change the timing on-site.)

  6. You can transfer your place to your friend before 28 January 2023. The administration fee is HK$50. Charges on-site will be changed HK$88.

  7. Participants are not allowed to bring any timing equipment, watch, alarm or mobile phone during the race.   Mobile phones or watches need to be kept in a tailormade plastic bag.   Participants are also not allowed to ask passers-by for the time.  If any of these rules are broken, the "Goal Race Award" qualification will be cancelled.

  8. If the plastic bag for mobile phones/watches is opened, the "Goal Race" qualification will be cancelled.

  9. Participants must carry the mandatory gear at all times during the race.  Random gear checks may be performed during the race.  Any participant without the mandatory gear will be disqualified for the "Goal Race".

  10. Stay on the marked course.  Short cuts are strictly prohibited. Non-compliance will result in the cancellation of the “Goal Race". 

  11. Participants must complete the marked course by foot. 

  12. Race numbers must be worn on the front of the clothing and visible at all times.

  13. Food and drinks at the water station and finish point are reserved for runners only. 

  14. Participants must obey directions of checkpoint staffs and course marshals at all times.  If you miss any cut-off times, you must withdraw from the race as instructed

  15. Participants must keep the country park clean.  Littering is strictly prohibited

  16. If particpants want to drop out or require medical assistance during the race, you must use the phone numbers printed on your race bib to contact event organisers who will make every effort to retrieve you. 

  17. All complaints of misconduct or breach of rules must be informed to the Race Director before 4pm on the event day.  Any ruling made by the Race Director will be final and without appeal.

  18. Participants may opt out of the race and all costs will not be refunded.

  19. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the event rules and requirements, route and/or other arrangements as they deem appropriate.

  20. Should you have any queries, please message us via Facebook page of Tai Mo Shan Trail Race or email us :


Bad weather arrangement:
  1. The event will be cancelled if a red or black rainstorm signal, or a tropical cyclone No.3 or above is hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory at 5am on the event day.  Event will be postponed to 1 April 2023.  All fees are non-refundable if you can't join the postponed date in the event of bad weather.

  2. Should the above inclement weather / condition warning be raised after the commencement of the race, the Race Director has the right to change the course distance or stop the race.   If the race is cancelled, all fees will not be refunded.

  3. Please check the weather from the Hong Kong Observatory website or call the observatory at 1878200 on the event day.

Race Insurance:

Sports HFS Company / MIG Action Limited has its own public liability insurance.  This does not include personal accident of participants.  We recommend that participants have your own personal accident cover.
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